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Canada 2004
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Canada France 1604-2004
Canada France 1604-2004
Canada a space for imagination

That's Canada!

The first important public event in France of the Canada-France 2004 program, the That's Canada exhibition at the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie in Paris will show Canada's modern reality by shaking all the traditional stereotypes, from December 16, 2003, to August 29, 2004.

This will be a truly interactive experience, letting visitors discover the country's population, enriched by its diversity and its languages, giving visitors a chance to travel across a territory whose vastness and harsh climate have necessitated the development of many networks allowing human communication.

Canada's modernity will also be expressed through the exhibition's scenography, designed as a multimedia platform, and by the presence of a travel companion, an actual pocket PC that will guide visitors throughout their exploration.

Finally, cybermodules will add to the exhibition by providing an innovative technological immersion experience: the electronic communication network linked to partner sites will make it possible to interact and speak with their Canadian visitors.