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Canada France 1604-2004
Canada France 1604-2004
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The mother country

The Maison de l'émigration en Canada is an illustration of the special historical ties between Canada and France.

It will be located at Tourouvre, in the Perche region of Normandy. In the early 17th century, Perche was the point of departure for many French emigrants, and a number of major families in Quebec—such as the Pelletiers, Gagnons, Tremblays, Rivards, Fortins, Bouchards and Drouins—can trace their roots back to this particular region.
It is scheduled to open in May 2005.


The Maison de l’émigration is designed to be an interpretation centre, an exhibition area and a centre providing researchers and members of the public with access to digitized genealogical data.

It aims to be the latest in scientific expertise on the phenomenon of French emigration prior to 1760, a meeting place, and a gateway to the future and the forging of new relationships.

It will, therefore, be a site of memories, but also an important genealogical research centre. Demographic and genetic data available at the Maison will enable anyone to piece together history and better understand the social and individual context of the French emigrants who left their country to build a new one.


The Maison de l’émigration is the result of a partnership between local, departmental and regional institutions and the Canadian Government.

It will benefit from strong ties to French and Canadian universities, since it is based on an important scientific research program (PREFEN) aimed at piecing together the circumstances surrounding French emigration in the 17th and 18th centuries. The data gathered through this program will enrich the content provided to the public and ensure that the information presented is scientifically valid.