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Canada 2004
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Canada France 1604-2004
Canada France 1604-2004
Canada a space for imagination


"We are proud to join France in commemorating the 400th anniversary of the first French settlement in North America (...)"
- Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, May 22 2003

Strengthening connections, knowing and understanding each other better, mutual respect, celebrating one’s history, exercising citizenship together...

Canada’s modern adventure began with the first permanent French settlement on Saint Croix Island in 1604 and at Port Royal in 1605. Saint Croix Island, named by Pierre Dugua de Mons, was the first European settlement in North America, with houses, storehouses, a chapel and a fortified stockade. The first wheat in North America was sown there.

A new country sprung up from the first peaceful encounter between the Mi’kmaq, Malecite and Abenaki Nations and a crew of French navigators led by Pierre Dugua de Mons and cartographer Samuel de Champlain. The eagerness for encounters and solidarity which defines the origins of Canada has remained an integral part of its basic values to this very day.

Canadians are currently experiencing a very important period in their evolution and a rapid transformation in their social and technological development. Over the years, immigration has considerably changed the Canadian population, strong and dynamic, and globalization and new technologies have presented a very large number of surprising perspectives.

Canadians recognize that their country is not ordinary and that it is admired internationally for its linguistic duality and cultural diversity. These things are a unique source of wealth and strength. Canadians are also conscious of the fact that the success of a country cannot be taken for granted. Building Canada from East to West was such a human and geographical feat that it must not be forgotten just how important the role of social cohesion was.

Therefore, as part of the 400th year of relations between Canada and France, the 2004 program will take the opportunity to talk about Canada in France, to better promote modern Canada through cultural, scientific and professional events, and to develop projects carried out in partnership with the French, aimed at enhancing dialogue and developing the already strong ties between our two countries.

These projects will, we hope, emphasize the important role played by regular contact between citizens, sound knowledge of their history, their achievements and their symbols, the pooling of their modern values and their choices for the future.

For the 2004 program, there are some major events in France and Canada:
June 10, 2004 - March 28, 2005 at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull
November 6 Launch of the Nouvelle-France Archives portal
That's Canada!
La Villette
from December 16, 2003, to August 29, 2004

Great Congrès Mondial Acadien

French-Canadian genealogical research program

The Canadian Forum on Cultural Enterprise (January 12-14 in Paris)

Acadia’s 400th anniversary http://www.acadie400.ca/

18 June 2004
Colloquium on Earth Observation at UNESCO, 7 place de Fontenoy, Paris 7
June 26, 2004 in St. Croix
Launch: Canada-France stamp
June 26, 2004
Launch: Canada-France stamp at the Parc Floral de Vincennes and in Royan.
The Maison de Champlain in Brouage (opening in June 2004)

The Maison de l’Emigration française “en” Canada in Tourouvre, Normandy
(opening May-June 2005)